Just installed this new electronic fence system, man does it work great…going to change topic from guns and target shooting today and talk about my dogs new fence system.

Having an invisible fence for dogs in homes is one way of securing your dogs in a specified area or enclosing area. These fences are electronically charged and were designed for the dogs, which will keep them safe and protected from any cause of danger.

The Electric dog fence Invisible fence is a unique tool that has a transmitter, which charges an outlet to get signal from the installed wires located in a particular area. An invisible boundary is made and a receiver on the dog’s collar creates a tone that warns when the dog is near the boundary.

Although such fences are quite costly, this can be a way of training your dogs. The charge of the fence is stronger than the shock of a static electricity. But, it is for them to get use in hearing the warning sound. It is not designed to hurt dogs, but it was actually intended to help dog owners in disciplining their pets. However, there are cases where there are only breeds of dogs that are suitable for these fences. There are aggressive dogs that will be able to escape the fence.  That is the reason why consulting a veterinarian can help you choose the right one for your dog.

How to Install the electric dog fence system

  • Transmitter location: transmitter must be installed in a safe place. Proper grounding must be observed.
  • Determine the location and boundary. You can plot it to a piece of paper and locate the boundaries. Signals may be removed or cancelled by just twisting the wires together. This is useful when wires are placed between the transmitter and boundaries or obstacles such as swimming pools located within the contained area.
  • Turn the system on when ends of the boundary wires are connected to the transmitter.
  • Test the collar if it emits sounds that can be hear when you become closer to the boundary and determine if it is working properly. Consider using a heavier invisible fence collar.
  • Cut a trench of at least 1 to 3 inches deep of the planned boundary. Avoid connecting boundary wires that is close to a chain –link fences.
  • If you need more wires, you must purchase new wires that may be required in the installation of the invisible fence in your yard or specified land area and to correctly follow what is indicated in the manual kit.
  • Strip both ends of wire to splice the wires. Place the stripped ends to the wire connector and twist. Pull the wires if it properly connected. Put silicone caulk in and around the wire connector. After it dries, electrical tapes must be wrap the wires and wire connector.
  • If wires will pass through concrete pavement, use a circular saw with masonry blade to cut it and place the wire inside. Use safely glasses for protection. After the wire is put in place, tests were made if it works properly then cover the pavement with the same material. Be sure that the wiring system works properly before you patch the pavement to prevent it from doing the same procedure.
  • Be sure to properly ground the system to protect them from damage during power surges and lightning strikes. It will help the system to prevent damages.
  • There are some precautions or things to remember when installing the invisible fence. To avoid crossing power lines and other electrical wires such as on television, telephone lines. Know the location of cable, power, line and antenna wires. Put the transmitter in a safe place where there it is susceptible to fire or risk of electric shocks if expose to water or weather condition. If crossing obstacles in running the wire, it is best to protect the wire by inserting it in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe.
  • Through the advancement of technology the availability of wireless system which is more efficient.

Where to buy. I found several great websites where you great pet supplies including dog fence systems:also watch interesting invisible dog fence videos.

Benefits of Having an Invisible Fence  Installed

  • Cost and Time Efficient: According to some, it is much cheaper to built an invisible fence rather than constructing a permanent fence. It can be installed easily if there are no obstacles in putting the wires underground.
  • Low Maintenance: Just make sure that the battery of the collar attached to the dog is working properly to get the signal. It is very efficient if there is no power interruption that the system may be workable. Otherwise, there are other power supply that might be used in case the electrical supply is not available such as using solar power.
  • Wide Area Covered: Invisible fence can cover to as wide as you can have as long you will have the area covered by underground wires.
  • Indoor Capability: Invisible fence can indoor by putting restriction places to dogs where they cannot enter or occupy such as sofas, and whatever place in your home. Instead of using wires, there are electronic pads that are transmitting signal to the collar of the dog. You can have as many pads depending on the area that will be restricted for dogs.